Hyper Applications

Energy Efficient Technology for the World

As you may already know, HYPER™ will function with gasoline engines, diesel engines, Liquid and Compressed Natural Gas engines, and even hybrid driveline technologies. As the HYPER Heavy Truck over-the-road application enters commercial markets, the company will launch pilot projects with partners in other energy related markets also requiring improved energy efficiency.

The following HYPER applications showcase the flexibility of the technology and the strength of the company’s Intellectual Property (IP), beyond on-road transport trucks.

Military & Defense

EnerMotion’s HYPER technology enhances current military transportation equipment (e.g. army logistics corps) by providing HVAC comforts without the engine idling.

Diesel Electric Locomotives
(Cargo and Passenger)

The HYPER technology can be used in rail applications where diesel-electric traction is employed (the motive power choice of more than 80% of all locomotives). The HYPER will supply heating and cooling power to passenger compartments reducing the need of auxiliary powered diesel gensets.

Refrigerated Trailer/Reefer Units

For the movement of temperature sensitive freight, refrigerated or reefer units being transported over the road currently use diesel gensets for power. The HYPER technology eliminates these mobile genset requirements and in the process reduces fuel costs and associated GHG emissions.

Buses, RVs, Construction and Mining

The HYPER technology reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions by eliminating A/C compressors off the main diesel engine. It also works with natural gas equipped engines.

Hybrid Electric Drivelines

The HYPER technology enhances next generation hybrid electric drivelines by providing the necessary heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) without consuming additional energy from the vehicle’s energy storage system (ESS) to accomplish this task.


HYPER’S ability to capture waste heat from stationary power plants like those found on board large cargo ships, cruise ships, aircraft carriers, ferries, and naval ships offers incredible energy savings and GHG reductions while vastly improving on-board ship energy efficiencies with several end use applications.

Passenger Vehicles

In the near future, the HYPER technology could be adapted to passenger vehicles incorporating conventional or hybrid electric drivelines, as well as ‘start – stop’ technology focused on fuel and emission reduction goals.

EnerMotion is road trialing HYPER units with some of the largest truck fleets in North America. Please contact us now for more details on HYPER and how you can start saving money immediately, and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.