Hyper Technology

Reduce Fuel Consumption & Lower GHGs in Mobile Transportation


The zero emissions Hybrid Power & Energy Recovery – HYPER™ – system uses the vehicle’s waste heat for primary power. 

Why is this important? 

HYPER acknowledges the fact that the 100’s of millions of internal combustion engines (in passenger vehicles, mass transit vehicles, trucks of all sizes and shapes, mining, off-road construction, rail, defence, and stationary diesel power plants) on the planet are inefficient, but HYPER is all about improving this energy equation. Manufacturers have done a very commendable effort at making engines as efficient as possible, but the laws of physics restricts efficiencies to approx 35%. Meaning 100% of the energy available in a gallon/litre of fuel, only 1/3 approx is actually used to move the vehicle from Point A to Point B. 

What happens to the other 2/3 rds

Approx 1/3 is associated with low grade heat loss i.e. friction, rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag, and the other 1/3 is literally lost out the exhaust system – considered high grade heat. It’s this exhaust waste energy (Physics 101; heat is energy!) that HYPER harnesses and converts back into extremely useful thermal energy providing overall increased energy efficiencies.


HYPER is currently designed for Class 8 Heavy Trucks – specifically those equipped with sleeper cabs known as over-the-road (or long haul) trucks. There are almost 1 million of these sleeper trucks operating on North American highways with the drivers requiring heating and cooling and hotel load (at rest drivers operate laptops, have a microwave, TV etc) needs while the truck is at rest. The majority of these trucks idle the main engine to run the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system – of course this is wasteful and costly while producing unnecessary greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. HYPER provides an elegant, efficient, cost effective alternative power unit with virtually no maintenance.

We humbly ask you; what’s not to love about this revolutionary product called HYPER!



Waste heat (energy) from the vehicles internal combustion engine is captured via the exhaust system and through an innovative and computer controlled process operates a refrigeration cycle to generate cooling, and in the same unit HYPER can also operate in a Heating mode. This ability to generate cold AND hot thermal conditions in the same unit enables the HYPER to provide full HVAC systems to the vehicle’s cab and sleeper without consuming any additional fuel.


The HYPER stores these thermal conditions in an on-board thermal control unit to provide full HVAC capability for short and long haul routes in various climate and environmental conditions.


HYPER delivers the stored cooling or heating into the cab/sleeper when the vehicle is at rest, which eliminates the need to run the main diesel engine to keep the HVAC system operating saving fuel and reducing emissions.

You will be amazed at the elegant, slim profile design of the HYPER, the low to virtually zero maintenance requirements that completely overshadows the existing market alternatives of diesel APU’s or battery APU’s. HYPER offers silent autonomous operation and extremely compelling payback period where you will actually realize cash back in your pocket within the life cycle of your truck (even those fleets with aggressive 3 year cycles and today’s lower cost of fuel).

The HYPER functions with gasoline engines, diesel engines, liquid and compressed natural gas engines, and amazingly hybrid driveline technologies.

Find out how you can start utilizing this innovative HYPER technology in your own fleet!